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A b o u t 

O u r  G o a l

To create meaningful promotional material that will connect people to businesses 

Imagery is powerful tool used to tell a story. Our goal is to tell the story of your business through creative visuals that your customers can connect with. Whether through video or photos, Coast Creations will provide meaningful content that emphasizes the quality and passion underlying your business.

P r i c i n g

Coast Creations is determined to promote small businesses while eliminating high marketing costs.

How it works:

Once your promotional content has been created, we ask you pay what you think fairly represents the value of the material produced.

Unsure what a typical production company would charge for material? 

Check out these links to give you an idea.

A b o u t  T h e 

C r e a t o r

C o n n o r  P a r r y


As a photographer, divemaster, adventurer, and traveler Connor has always been passionate about the natural world. Much of the inspiration in his work is derives from the natural beauty of British Columbia. 


Connor's long term mission for Coast Creations is to promote and bring attention to the Environmental issues facing our planet. In order to fund this objective, he supplements his time by creating unique promotional material for local businesses. Combining his business background with his creative shooting style, his promotional creations will be sure connect customers to your company's brand.


His non-conventional platform was chosen for the purpose of separating himself from other production companies that have firm pricing structures. This style of business is designed to create a scenario where both parties gain promotional material.

If you have any other questions about Connor or about Coast Creation please feel free to contact him directly. 

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